Monday, May 4, 2015

Dad's home cooked meals

Home cooked meals bring back a mix of emotions such as comfort, childhood memories, familiarity, warmth and much more. At this point I feel no one can imitate my dad's cooking. It is something I have always anticipated. I could care less about eating out at the restaurants, all i want is the food he cooks. Looking back at the photos I took three years ago during our last visit, they only make me hungry.

When I was younger, food was just food. He cooked and my brothers and I ate. All we knew was that everything was delicious and our tummies were full. We didn't really appreciate or think much about anything else as kids. As soon as my dad got home from work, he didn't even get the time to sit or rest. He went straight to the kitchen and started cooking dinner for three hungry pigs. Since my mother always worked late, my dad put on a hat of a Mr. Mom.

Now that I am a mother, I look back and realize how tiring that could be. The minute I come in. I put my stuff down and start cooking after an 8 hour day at work. No time to rest (not even a shower until dinner is ready for a little one). Life is not easy when one spouse is at work while other has to care for a child alone. When I see my parents this time, I want to let them know how much I appreciate what they have done.

Every time we go back to visit, my parents always stock up both of the refrigerators and fruit baskets with food. Eating seems to be such a huge deal and we get fed REALLY..REALLY well. I am so looking forward to go home sweet home.
 photo f1_zpss5grlkcj.jpg
My all time favorite curry. So spicy and flavorful. Just how i like it. I can eat this for breakfast.  photo f5_zps4rvluf9j.jpg  photo f6_zpsuxt9l9yf.jpg Mixed vegetables stir-fry with crispy pork belly. My dad knows I love veggies.  photo f2_zpsm4lhvd7v.jpg Glass noodle with shrimps  photo f4_zpskumdxfq1.jpg More veggies stir-fry for veggies lover. Cant wait to eat fresh baby corn.  photo f3_zps9d84txhu.jpg Spicy eggplant salad  photo f7_zpsohryz3id.jpg Minced pork with soft egg tofu soup

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tokyo 2015: Part 1 - Learn before you go

I don't know about you but traveling to another country is a total eye (and mind blowing) opening experience. New city, new food, new language, new perspectives, new environment, new air (I mean even air doesn't smell the same) and new culture are all part of travel experience. In the past, I could care less when I traveled to some place new (not necessarily overseas but domestic travel). As sad as it may sound my top choice always turned out to be major shopping malls. I could care less about historic sites, national parks or something in that nature. I would rather go shopping. Now that I am older, I look at vacation and travel in a completely different angle. I want to learn, see and experience at a deeper level.
 photo jp1_zpsl8yjhtqp.jpg
When visiting a foreign country, I feel it is very important to do some research about the country/culture and learn the "don'ts". Some people may say, well we are tourists and won't be there forever so who cares. To me that is called ignorance. I do care. When you visit another country, respect and manner are equally important. In this day and age, free resources in all sort of forms are available all over the internet such as Youtube videos, articles, blog posts - you name it! Of course we are not going to know everything but at least learn something before you go can help prepare and enhance your travel experience.

As I read more about Japan, there are many interesting facts. Do you know that you do not have to pay tips in Japan? While giving tips is a must here in the States, that practice is NOT common or necessary in Japan. It can be perceived as an insult if you do tip as well. Yay for some money saving :P If you plan your trip to Japan (or just out of curiosity) be sure to check out some of the videos below to get you started.

Monday, April 27, 2015

How to boost your mood on a cloudy day....

These beauties are right in my backyard. Looking at colorful flowers always make me happy and lift my spirit. These are the combination of wildflowers, annuals and perennials. I just hope Spring lasts a little longer so I can enjoy them more. I always feel that spring is the shortest season of all. The weather has begun to feel like summer some days now down here but most days are cloudy I almost feel like I live in England with an overcast sky and rain 5 days a week. 

Flowers look their best in spring, don't you agree?

 photo sw1_zps9nlcyar8.jpg  photo sw2_zpso8tit2gd.jpg  photo sw5_zpstijeyzpj.jpg  photo sw4_zpswkvj5yg7.jpg  photo sw6_zpszpx76gt5.jpg  photo sw7_zpsdtm76fwh.jpg  photo sw8_zpsyncxxzwg.jpg  photo sw9_zpswemt8jds.jpg

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Clean and safe home

Let's talk about cleaning. Cleaning is not fun, I admitted it. Living in a clean and organized home makes me happy but I don't like cleaning that much (who does anyway?). Bathroom is an easy room for me to clean but I can't stand the pungent order of the toilet bowl cleaner, the bleach, the mildew stuff. Every time I clean our bathrooms and toilets I feel like I choke and need to run out to get fresh air every few minute, no kidding! My nose is burning from bleach fume. Then after the bathroom and toilet are clean, the chemical odor lingers for a very long time.
 photo cn1_zpszo8p9vwg.jpg
It got me thinking, inhaling these chemicals directly or indirectly couldn't be good in a long term. In this age and time, more and more people have been diagnosed with  cancer that has no cure. The numbers of affected people are really striking and alarming. Although we don't know exactly what is the underlying cause of the disease and who will get such disease, I will want try to minimize the risks as long as I can.

Eating healthy and selecting organic produces are the way to go but we can still expose to the nasty stuff as long as our lives are surrounded by dangerous chemicals in our household. In the past 7-8 years or so, I started switching our typical personal care products to more natural options (soap, lotion, shampoo for example). Some stuff worked well and some didn't. My husband and I never really tried to switch our cleaning products because we didn't think natural based cleaning products could clean effectively We didn't quite believe in the power of nature until recently. I think the only thing we bought and tried was the Seventh Generation Dish Detergent to clean our daughter's bottles when she was younger.

My husband and I are TOTALLY blown away by products from The Honest Company. Years ago, I heard that Jessica Alba launched her brand which focused on safe and natural baby and family products but never checked it out. 99% of the time, I would buy natural baby's products (soap, shampoo, conditioner and sunscreen) for my daughter since she was born and I've tried almost all the brands in the market. We frequently used California baby until one day we ran out so I went to Target and saw a Honest liquid soap/shampoo and bought on a whim. Both my husband and I thought it worked really well. My daughter skin is moisturized after her bath, her hair feels clean and it doesn't leave a residue. That was our first impression with the brand. Then next I found a deal on which I could get the 1st monthly subscription from the Honest Company for just $19.95 (regular price $35.95). The monthly subscription or "Bundles" contains 5 products that you can choose. My thought was that I would just cancel it after one month because I was not into subscription service and I thought it was too expensive. However 4 months later, I am still subscribed. That says something. Everything I've ordered WORKS wonder (except a hair conditioner which doesn't work well with my daughter's fine hair).

I have never written any review for household products but these two are worth mentioning. The reviews are my honest opinions and I paid for the products with my own money.
 photo cn3_zpss1c0ytuw.jpg  photo cn2_zpsvidoplli.jpg
Toilet bowl cleaner 27 fl. oz. ($5.95): This was the 1st cleaning product I ordered and wanted to try. To tell you the truth, I didn't have a high hope. For years, there are some stubborn stains inside the toilet bowls that no bleach/Lysol could remove. NONE EVER! Didn't matter how much bleach we poured in there.

I was skeptical when I start squeezing the bottle and saw that the liquid was so thick and concentrated, it stayed along the rim (unlike Lysol which dripping into the water). The scent is Eucalyptus. It was nothing comparing to Lysol which was so pungent. After I used the Honest Company Toilet Cleaner for the1st time and started scrubbing, BAM! The stains were melting away like magic! I never got such excitement seeing a toilet bowl but I did that day. My husband was beyond amazed. We are SOLD! The best part is that I could barely detect the odor when in the bedroom. I could smell it slightly in the bathroom but it disappeared not too long after and didn't bother me at all. That led us to explore more cleaning products from this brand. This bottle will probably last for a long time, it is very concentrated. I like the tip because it is pointy and small so it could reach the area under the rim quite well.
 photo cn4_zps65hse0ei.jpg
Bathroom Cleaner 29 fl. oz.($5.95): after our impression with the toilet bowl cleaner, I decided to try a bathroom cleaner next. I use this to clean kitchen sink, bathroom sinks, shower and bath tub. Our shower's floor once again had stubborn stains that nothing could get rid of. This cleaner has the same scent as the toilet bowl cleaning. The trick is that you have to make sure the surface you clean has to be dry before you spray. Leave it for 5-10 minutes then start scrubbing. My husband said he didn't even have to scrub as hard and the stains started dissolving in front of his eyes. Our shower never looked this clean, the last time we saw it this clean was when we moved in the first year! It was AMAZING and not to mention the Eucalyptus scent, much better than mildew products (yuck!).

I think I enjoy cleaning bathrooms more than ever now. It sounds crazy but true. Knowing that what you use is safer for your family and environment than most conventional products in the market makes me feel better. I wouldn't say it is 100% safe that you can drink out of the bottle but enough for me to feel comfortable using such products around our little one. I highly recommend if you are in the market for a toilet bowl cleaner or a bathroom cleaner.